Replicate your best customers with paid ads and outbound.

Get more customers similar to your best customers with AI-driven paid ads, better audience targeting and effective email outreach, for B2B tech. 

Drive Opportunity Pipeline

Minimize CAC 

100% Done-For-You 

Getting more customers like your best ones not only grows revenue and profits but also boosts retention and improves team morale

Here's how we help you achieve this through demand generation with paid ads and cold email outreach. 

First, we create ideal customer profiles based on your best customers.

Next, we leverage leading data sources to find companies similar to your top customers, identify key personas, and create high match rate omnichannel ad audiences and personalized cold email campaigns using their verified business emails.

Once we're confident that we're targeting the right ideal customer profiles we develop and deploy the ad campaigns across Google, LinkedIn, and Meta, and run email campaigns to the same targets. 

b2b ad campaign

The result is highly targeted paid ad and cold email campaigns that generate qualified pipeline fueling your sales-led or product-led motions.

B2B Demand Generation Driven by AI + Data

Execute your go-to-market (GTM) strategy effectively by quickly reaching and engaging your target audience.

Reach your ICP by leveraging not only firmographics but also technographic (tech stack) data for enhanced paid ads and email campaign targeting. 

We leverage the latest in AI and machine learning technology to improve the results of your campaigns.

Boost your account-based marketing (ABM) results by effectively targeting your  high-value accounts.

We design, test and deploy ad creatives that capture your audience's attention and inspire them to take action. 

Connect with your ideal customers multichannel across paid ads and email and drive better results. 

Hey, I'm Parsa, and my team and I are here to help you replicate your best customers with multichannel paid ads and outbound that drive qualified pipeline and unlock revenue. With over a decade of experience in performance digital marketing, we are your partner in profitable growth.

Select Client Result Highlights 

Grew qualified leads by 312% in 60 days with LinkedIn ads for Massdriver, a SaaS cloud  architecture design platform

Increased opportunity pipeline by 311% from LinkedIn ads, Google & Meta ads for DarkRoast, a design platform for CPG brands. 

Doubled both the candidate & client pipelines with LinkedIn and Google ads for Knack, a international HRTech platform. 

"After 45 days of setting up the paid ads audiences we’ve already doubled our SQLs for the same budget."

Aspen Tech


"The before and after are pretty remarkable, we’ve 3x our qualified leads and cut CPA by half"

Enrych Wholesale


"LeadMaximus has done a fantastic job with the optimization of our paid ad campaigns"

Verdi Partners


Average Qualified Pipeline Growth


Average Audience Match Rates


Average Reduction in CAC


Supported Ad Platforms

LinkedIn Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
YouTube Ads
Google Display